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Tricks that will help you sleep better during pregnancy

A good night's sleep is essential to feel happy and energized all day.
However, this task can be difficult during pregnancy. Either you experience heartburn, or you cannot find the ideal position.

Result: The next day, you feel irritated, without energy and without patience for anything.
We are here to make your life easier and as such, we will give you some tips that will help you sleep better and get less tired during pregnancy.

Now, it's time to take notes:


1- Create a regular sleep routine

The human being is made of habits and as such, they need some time until they become routine and are done unconsciously.
Set a more or less fixed time to go to bed and another time to wake up. Your body will become accustomed to this and it will be much easier to "fall" asleep.

            2- Try various relaxation techniques

Better than anyone, you on that side know your own body, as such, you know which things unfailingly make you relax.
It can be exercising, meditation, yoga, or just taking a warm bath and drinking some tea before bed. Create your own night routine. This will make your body understand that it is the time of day when it starts to slow down.

3-Avoid heavy meals before bed

Avoid eating spicy and “heavy” foods before going to sleep, as these cause heartburn (something already common in pregnancy) and discomfort. You don't need to go to bed hungry, but opt ??for lighter and more easily digestible snacks.

4- Do not drink too much water before sleeping

It is important to be hydrated throughout the day and drinking plenty of water is beneficial, not only for you but for your baby.
However, after a certain time of the night, avoid drinking fluids, because with the natural enlargement of the uterus, the bladder becomes compressed and visits to the bathroom become recurrent. One way to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom is to control their intake and you can have a continuous and uninterrupted sleep.

5- Pillows

Yes, you read well, pillows. Finding a position that is comfortable can be difficult and becomes more and more, as the pregnancy progresses and the belly grows.
Therefore, we advise you to use as many pillows as you think necessary, including pregnancy pillows, which are made with these situations in mind and are easily adapted to your body.
In addition to the pillows, we inform you that the best side to sleep on is the left side, as it will help transport nutrients to the baby.

We have now reached the end of our tips for better sleep. Hopefully they'll work for you.
 Do not forget that the most important thing is to experience what helps you to relax and what works best for you, because as they say, “each case is different”.
We would love to hear your opinion, and of course, if you have any tricks to add to our list, feel free to do so.


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