MiMar Baby

FREE SHIPPING* - orders >80€, shipping PT and ES

FREE SHIPPING* - orders >80€, shipping PT and ES



Terms and Conditions



MiMar baby® is a brand specializing in accessories, essentials and decorative items for baby.

We try to make pieces of simple design, with materials and confection of high quality.

Our products are customized by the client and handmade by us, which gives them a unique and exclusive character.

Being made by hand, the pieces may contain slight differences between them, which further accentuates the special and exclusive value of our pieces.

The photographs we present on the site are just a few examples of each piece. We do not guarantee the possibility of reproducing them in full. As for fabrics, we try to make them as faithful as possible to reality, but the color may be slightly different from that on your monitor.



How to buy:


Choose a category: maternity, walk, bedroom, bath, etc.

Within the category you chose, select the product you want.

If you prefer to customize your items, choose one from the CUSTOMIZED category and define the options available for each product and add the purchase to the cart.

When you have finished shopping, go to the shopping cart and finish (Checkout) by following the steps indicated.





All prices are in Euro. Prices already include VAT (23%), but do not include shipping costs.

For international purchases, MiMar baby® is not responsible for any fees applied by banks in currency exchanges.





Payment can be made in three ways: PayPal ™, If Then Pay (bank reference) or bank transfer.

If you choose the bank transfer, you will be provided with all the necessary data and must send a proof of payment to the email that will be given, placing the order number in Subject.

If at the end of 72 hours the payment has not been made, MiMar baby® will cancel the order.



Shipping and Handling:


Orders are dispatched within 24 business hours. Except if the order includes one or more items from the CUSTOMIZED category. And, in this case, the estimated time for sending the order will be 3 to 6 business days after confirmation of payment. With the exception of some exceptional situations, the customer is always informed.

All orders will be shipped via CTT registered mail or shipping company Nacex. The shipping costs are calculated at the end of your purchase, according to the final weight of the order.

You can also choose to pick up the order in our Atelier, at Rua 18 de Junho, nº96, 1º Esq in Olhão, Portugal. Choosing this method will have no cost.

For purchases over 80 € the postage is free, for shipments in mainland Portugal. We do not make shipping discounts for shipments outside Portugal, or shipments to Madeira and the Azores.



Unclaimed objects:


In case of return of the order for not having been claimed in time or by error of address (by the customer), it will be returned, after being paid (by the customer) again the shipping costs.

In the event that the return is due to an error of address by MiMar baby®, the order will be returned, after confirming the address, and the shipping costs are the responsibility of MiMar baby®.



Fees and taxes:


For some countries outside the European Union some products may be subject to customs duties and taxes upon entry into the country of destination. Import charges and taxes are the responsibility of the importing buyer. If there are any additional charges for customs, import duties or applicable taxes, these will be the responsibility of the buyer at the time of delivery of the order.

We remind you that MiMar baby® has no control over these costs, which depend on each customs in each country and therefore are not possible to predict.



Returns & Exchanges:


MiMar baby® always wants customers to be satisfied. If, upon receiving your order, the customer is not satisfied, you can return it within a maximum of 15 days. The order must be returned in the original packaging with the labels and the articles should be without signs of use, washing, defects due to use, perfumes, stains ...

Products that are custom embroidered or that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted for return.

Shipping costs are, in these cases, the responsibility of the customer.

Customers will be able to return the articles that present manufacturing defects, in which case they will be reimbursed in the total value of the same and the respective shipping costs.

Contact us so that we can return or exchange the article in question and repair the situation.



Stock Routing:


If, during the processing of your order, there is a stock error and the chosen item is not available, MiMar baby® will contact the customer by offering one of the following options: exchange for a similar item or return of the value.



Gift Cards:

This Card is valid exclusively at our online store www.mimarbaby.com or at our showroom in Olhão. To use the card, check out at the online store, follow the steps and enter the code in the box that says Gift Card and click "Activate". The card can be used as many times as desired until the full amount issued is exhausted. The available Card balance appears each time you place an order where it is used. It may also be requested via email geral@mimarbaby.com. If the amount of the purchase exceeds the available balance on the card, the difference must be paid by any means of payment accepted by MiMar baby. In the case of return of products purchased with the card, MiMar baby will refund the amount by crediting the price of the returned product in the remaining balance of the Card, or creating a new card when the Card does not exist at the time of return. The Card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Once the period has expired, the card cannot be renewed, used to purchase items, nor can the unused balance be claimed. Use of the Card constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of the respective general conditions that were delivered at the time of purchase of the Card and are available at www.mimarbaby.com




MiMar baby® is committed to complying with its privacy policy which can be found here.



Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes:


In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer may appeal to the following entities:

alternative resolution of consumer disputes:

1. CNIACC - National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts

Tel.: 213 847 484; Email: cniacc@unl.pt

2. CIMAAL - Consumer Conflict Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center


Tel.: 289 823 135; Email: cimail@mail.telepac.pt

3. Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center of the District of Coimbra

Tel.: 239 821 690/289.

Email: geral@centrodearbitragemdecoimbra.com

4. Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center

Tel.: 218 807 000 / 218807030.

Email: juridico@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt; director@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt

5. Porto Consumer Information and Arbitration Center

Tel.: 225 508 349 / 225 029 791; Email: cicap@mail.telepac.pt

6. Vale do Ave Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center/Arbitration Court

Tel.: 253 422 410; Email: triave@gmail.com

7. Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center (Consumer Arbitration Court)

Tel.: 253 617 604; Email: geral@ciab.pt

8. Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center of the Autonomous Region of Madeira

Address: Rua Direita, 27 - 1st Floor, 9050-405 Funchal; Email: centroarbitragem.sras@gov-


For more information, see the Consumer Portal at www.consumidor.pt