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FREE SHIPPING* - orders >80€, shipping PT and ES

FREE SHIPPING* - orders >80€, shipping PT and ES

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Want to be our reseller?

About Us

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MiMar baby® is a brand specializing in accessories, essentials and decorative items for baby.

We try to make pieces of simple design, with materials and confection of high quality.

With a distinctive and simple Logo, MiMar baby® develops products to improve the lives of moms and their babies by raising the standards of excellence to design, manufacturing and value for money.

Come with MiMar baby® in this adventure and get involved with our motto, to make the BaBys and MoMs many MiMos (cutes), with great joy and dedication!



MiMar baby® has the vision to be the main brand reference for families when it comes to choose personalized products for their babies, standing out for being reliable, close to the customer for having a team committed to total quality and customer satisfaction.



MiMar baby® creates simple products with practical design for mothers, fathers and babies. It searches daily for excellence in product quality, variety of offer, good value, contacting customers, always working with joy and dedication.



Customer Satisfaction

-We make each item with great care and dedication.
-We seek to not have any complaints.
-We always look for fabrics and options that meet what the customer is looking for.

-We have a lot of variety of customization options.
-We try to respond quickly to any customer request.


Continuous Improvement

-We seek to improve our skills every day.
-We seek to learn something new every day.



-We use everyone's individual skills and effort to solve problems.
-We have a spirit of helping each other to achieve goals.
-We care about the well-being of our colleagues.



-We seek to be reliable, loyal, fair and sincere people.
-Giving honest feedback to all colleagues, to help in their development within the company.



-We value and empathize with anyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, origin, beliefs or gender.
-We are fair and polite with others.


Good Humor and Good Disposition

-We are in a good mood, lively, happy and with a smile on our faces.
-We always encourage colleagues to be in a good mood.


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