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Christmas gift ideas for mothers, babies and pregnant women.



We are finally in December, which also means festive season. 
By this time, the Christmas spirit is already very visible and often turns out to be filled with rush and bustle for the purchase of Christmas gifts.
With work, children, and daily routine, we have no time (and no patience) for Christmas shopping. The last thing we fancy is spending hours in a mall on the difficult mission of buying all the necessary gifts.
If you are like us and usually leave shopping for the last minute, then this post is going to make your life easier.
Here we will present some gift ideas to offer to all mothers, pregnant women and their babies. Best of all, you can buy them online without leaving the comfort of your home.


Christmas Set- MiMar Baby


Our Christmas set is another perfect alternative for all the pregnants and new moms.
The kit consists in a set, composed by  pacifier clip + Bib + Muslin star with Christmas theme , specially designed for the holiday season.
All three items are 100% cotton, making them very comfortable (and stylish) for your baby






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Christmas Mini Basket - Dudubaz


This year's Dudubaz Mini Basket consists in spices with very special meanings, to give to those who receive them! In previous years there were always those who did not like or couldn’t eat sweets and there were several requests for healthier offers.
Therefore, Dudubaz spent all year looking for solutions that would guarantee total customer satisfaction. Then was born the mini spice basket - Christmas edition, where to each spice is attributed a human quality.
 Why should you buy Dudubaz mini baskets? Because besides being original, they were thought and created with love, offering the guarantee of many smiles and joy.





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Squeez reusable packs are a great choice for any mom out there.
Perfect for purees, shakes and liquids, the little packages are still reusable, double-zipped, do not leak, can be stored and kept cold and can be washed in a dishwasher. Only points in favor, no?
This pack, consisting in  two little packages and a spoon, and it is a great Christmas gift suggestion that will surely please all tastes.







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Baby Cards Kit- Rosa com canela

Rosa com canela “Hello baby cards” are another Christmas gift option.
The kit consists in 30 cards, which allow you to regist all the emotions of the baby's first year of life. This also turns out to be a timeless gift as these are moments that any mom will always want to remember.
This is also a 2 in 1 gift: by giving the baby cards to the baby, you will also be making the baby's mom happy.








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We have now reached the end of our Christmas gift suggestions, we hope we have helped you in this quest and would like to see who  followed our suggestions.
The MiMar baby team wishes everyone a good shopping and most importantly, a merry Christmas in the company of your family and loved ones.


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