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7 Things You Can Buy During Pregnancy And Reuse At Back To School



You might be asking, but what does pregnancy have to do with going back to school? Why should I worry about going back to school if the baby isn't born yet?

Well, in a time when recycling and reuse are the watchwords, and being the birth of a child a time of great investment, it will be very important to think very carefully about everything we can buy and later reuse.

Of course there are always things that take advantage of cousins and older brothers, but it is also inevitable to want to have special and new things just for our baby to use.

So there are many things we can buy in pregnancy that they can use later in school.

Here is our list of suggestions:




1-Bags for the first clothes

The vast majority of maternity wards ask moms to take their baby clothes in separate bags. Of course it can be any bag we have around the house, but there is nothing more pampering than having some really cute and personalized bags for our baby. Well, don't feel bad about buying these 1st change bags, when going to the nursery your baby will also need to bring changes of clothes inside the backpack, there are even day care centers that ask dads to take separate sheets in a sachet. If these bags are already personalized with the baby's name, even better!

Here's a good tip for reusing your baby's first clothes.





2- Wipes bag

This item is not required in any nursery, but it is very cute to have a bag to store the wipes package that is inside the backpack. If you buy it during pregnancy, you will see that you will use it for a long time, because wipes will always be very welcome until they are big.




3-A multiuses bag


Having a small bag to carry some saline, diaper cream, a ribbon for hair, a bib, for example, will be very useful. Normally, during pregnancy moms buy a small bag that they can also reuse.






4-Sleeping comfort doll


All babies get used to sleeping with some object that brings them comfort. When it comes to school that object will have to go too. So one tip we leave is that they try to get your baby used, from birth, to a doll or a muslin that you know can easily find or customize another one. Because we don't want to risk losing that object and then we no longer know where to find another one because it belongs to a specific collection that's already gone. Ideally, find something personalized, preferably with the name, so it is easy to even make a copy at the time of going to the nursery.


There are many options nowadays, from dolls and muslin, we leave two suggestions: our SLEEPING BUNNY and our MUSLIN BUNNY, both can be personalized with the baby's name.






5- Pacifier clip


Before the baby is born, we don't know if he wants to use the Pacifier or not, but we always buy at least one Pacifier clip. Even if it is not used for the pacifier we can always use it to hold a teether or toy. When the baby goes to the nursery, he will have to take the pacifier and with it the pacifier clip. Ideally, once again, this clip is labeled with the name, so you don't risk delivering it to another baby than ours.





6-Laundry Bag


Your baby's nursery will ask you to carry bags where you can put your baby's laundry. One more article you are probably considering buying to pack in your maternity bag. In addition to being able to always come with you, when you go out with your baby, you can then leave it in the nursery, inside the backpack.






7-Documents bag


Your baby's documents will accompany you for many years, so having a practical, washable document bag is very important. It can be used to store in addition to the Health Bulletin, Vaccine Bulletin, Citizen Card, Insurance Card (if applicable), also for any school card, swimming pools, documents, schedules, etc ... all "paperwork" that a child needs.






As you can see there are many items that you can easily buy during pregnancy because you will use them for a long time and will be very useful.



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