MiMar Baby

FREE SHIPPING* - orders >80€, shipping PT and ES

FREE SHIPPING* - orders >80€, shipping PT and ES

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MiMar baby was born in 2014, in a small room in my house. It began with the curiosity to put back to work an old sewing machine, Oliva, over 50 years old, from my grandmother.
Having been a mother recently, baby accessories have quickly become my damn. With the help of my sister, Joana, we created the image of the brand and launched MiMar baby through Facebook.

In 2016, we set up the studio and Ana Paula joins us to help us with the sewing. And we have since been organizing, growing and developing this project that has become a full-time job, which gives us more and more pleasure.

In 2017, already with Maria, who joined the production team, we launched our website. This site was a dream come true. The idea that our customers can continue to have an experience with MiMar baby, friendly, comforting, that they can choose with all comfort and personalize in their own way, at the same time that the brand is growing and arriving at more and more Moms and Babies. It is fulfilled.

Now it is, hands down to work!

Welcome to MiMar baby,